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AnthaHub SOP


AnthaHub is a piece of utility software that forms the communication link between Antha OS running in the cloud and your manufacturer's liquid handling platform software. AnthaHub runs in the background of the computer that is connected to your liquid handling platform. Its job is to receive protocols that have been designed and implemented in Antha (in the cloud) and sent to a specific device. AnthaHub then communicates these protocols to the manufacturers software of the liquid handling platform you are running.

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Ensure that your liquid handling platform is connected to the computer where AnthaHub is installed and that it is powered on.
  2. Start up AnthaHub by double clicking on the icon on the desktop of the computer connected to your liquid handling platform.
  3. Wait until AnthaHub has completed loading, this is indicated by the following text: “Press Esc key to logout...”. This step forms the connection between AnthaHub and your device and lets Antha know that your device is active. AnthaHub terminal
  4. When you see this text close down the AnthaHub window by clicking on the X at the top right hand of the terminal window. This closes down the terminal window but all AnthaHub processes will be running in the background, therefore your device will remain active in Antha.
  5. Once you have shut down AnthaHub continue with the set up of your protocol in Antha. When you have completed your set up click on the “Run Job” button from within the Setup mixer page on Antha.
  6. Wait until you see a webpage stating: "Your device is starting up. It will be started automatically when it's ready for you." AnthaHub terminal
  7. Once you see this message open AnthaHub for a second time by double clicking on the AnthHub icon on the desktop.
  8. Once AnthaHub has loaded up again it will receive the protocol that was sent from Antha and will start up your liquid handling platforms software (e.g. Trilution) and will automatically start the protocol in this software.

    Note: If your protocol does not automatically start, you will still be able to manually start your protocol by selecting it from Trilution directly.

  9. Once your run has completed, close down the liquid handling software window followed by closing the AnthaHub window (again buy clicking on the X at the top right hand corner of the terminal window). AnthaHub terminal
  10. AnthaHub is now ready to receive another protocol, repeat steps 5 – 10 to run multiple protocols.
  11. If you have completely finished using your liquid handler for the day then you need to terminate the AnthaHub processes that are running in the background on your computer.
  12. To do this make sure AnthaHub is open and press the escape key, you should see the text: "Device 1234-XXXX disconnected." You will now be able to close down AnthaHub. AnthaHub terminal