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About Aliquot

The Aliquot element will transfer a defined volume of liquid a specified number of times into a chosen plate type. The user has the option to premix the solution to be aliquoted if the input solution tends to sediment or separate when left to stand (e.g. a suspension of cells in media) or has recently been thawed. Upstream elements that produce solutions as outputs can be wired into the Solution parameter of this element for aliquoting. If the solution already exists in your lab or has been made manually but a definition for this solution does not exist in the Antha library then the Add_Solution element can be used to define this solution with the output from the element wired into the Solution parameter of this element.

Input parameters for this protocol (data)

SolutionVolume, Volume

This parameter represents the volume of solution that you have in the lab available to be aliquoted. It does not represent the total volume to be aliquoted or the volume of liquid that will be used.

VolumePerAliquot, Volume

This parameter dictates the final volume each aliquot will have.

NumberofAliquots, int

This parameter states the number of aliquots that will be made from the input Solution.

ByRow, bool

This parameter is an optional field. If you want your aliquots to be mixed to your output plate by row then select this option. Otherwise the default behaviour is to pipette the solution to your output plate by column.

NumberOfReplicatePlates, int

This parameter sets the number of replicate plates to perform aliquots to. The default number of plates is 1. If more than one replicate plate is desired the plate name will be altered accordingly by appending the plate number to the end of the plate name. For example, if 3 plates are specified here and the plate name given is Aliquot Plate, the resulting three plates will be called Aliquot Plate, Aliquot Plate2 and Aliquot Plate 3.

PreMix, bool

This parameter is an optional field. If the solution to be aliquoted has components that may sink to the bottom of the solution then select this option for the solution to be premixed prior to transfer.

ChangeSolutionName, string

This parameter is an optional field. If you want to change the name of the input Solution for traceability then do so. If left blank the default name will be given as the chosen input Solution LHComponent name, either from the Antha Library or from the defined solution from an upstream Add_Solution element.

WellsAlreadyUsed, map[string][]strings

This parameter is an optional field. It states the number of wells that have already been used in the output plate and will start making aliquots from this position onwards. If there is more than one replicate plate all plates would have the same number of wells already used. This parameter is a map of plate name as the key to a list of well coordinates. Be aware of the plate naming convention used by this element when more than 1 replicate plate is specified, see NumberOfReplicatePlates parameter above.

AliquotPlateName, string

This name will be used as the identifier for the specific plate you are making your aliquots to appended with the replicate plate number. If left blank it will default to AliquotPlate. If running more than one instance of the Aliquot element in parallel and you want the dilutions to all be made on the same plate be sure this name is the same across all instance parameter sets, and be sure to wire the output WellsUsed into the input WellsAlreadyUsed between the different instances.

Data which is returned from this protocol, and data types

WellsUsed, map[string][]string

This data output is a record of how many wells have been used in the output plate. The data is stored in a map where the plate name is the key to a list of well coordinates. This parameter can be wired into a WellsAlreadyUsed input of a downstream element when that downstream element will also use this plate.

Physical Inputs to this protocol with types

Solution, *LHComponent

This Physical input will have associated properties to determine how the liquid should be handled, e.g. is your Solution water or is it Glycerol. If your physical liquid does not exist in the Antha LHComponent library then create a new one on the fly with the AddNewLHComponent element and wire the output into this input. Alternatively wire a solution made by another element into this input to be aliquoted.

OutPlate *LHPlate

This parameter allows you to specify the type of plate you are aliquoting your Solution into. Choose from one of the available plate options from the Antha plate library.

Physical outputs from this protocol with types

Aliquots, []*LHComponent

This is a list of the resulting aliquots that have been made by the element.