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About MasterMixMaker

Make a general mastermix comprising of a list of components, list of volumes and specifying the number of reactions required. The output of this element can be wired into other elements such as AutoAssembly, AutoPCR or Aliquot.

Input parameters for this protocol (data)

Reactionspermastermix, int

This specifies the multiplier of each of the Volumes for each component to add e.g. if "glucose" vol is "1ul" and Reactionspermastermix == 3 then 3ul glucose is added to mastermix

ComponentVolumesperReaction, []Volume

Specify volumes per component in same order of components. The actual volume added will be multiplied by the number of Reactionspermastermix

Components, []string

List of names of components to be added These will be used to look up components by name in the factory. If not found in the factory, new components will be created using dna_mix as a template If empty, the the ComponentIn will be returned as an output

CheckPartsInInventory, bool

If using the inventory system, select whether to check inventory for parts so missing parts may be ordered.

OptimisePlateUsage, bool

If set to true the mix will be prepared on the next available position on the input plate. Otherwise the mastermix will be added to OutPlate

MakeExtraPercentage, float64

Factor of total volume to make up as extra volume to account for evaporation. Default is 0.1 (10%)

Data which is returned from this protocol, and data types

MasterMixVolume, Volume

Volume of mastermix made. This will account for the residual volume of the plate and add 20% extra to account for evaporation and transfer loss etc.

VolumesUsed, map[string]Volume

Data output supplying the total volume added for each component.

Physical Inputs to this protocol with types

OutPlate, *LHPlate

The plate which the mastermix will be made in. However, There is one scenario where it will not be used. 1. If OptimisePlateUsage is selected then the Antha scheduler will search for a suitable location to use to make the mastermix without adding an additional plate on to the deck. In either of these two cases if a plate is selected here then that plate's residual volume per well will be added to the total mastermix volume. If OptimisePlateUsage is selected it is therefore advisable to select the platetype of the most likely destination of the mastermix to be mixed to (i.e. one of the other plates used or the inplate, default inplate is usually pcrplate_skirted. You can simulate to check where the mastermix will be put.

Physical outputs from this protocol with types

Mastermix *LHComponent

The output of the protocol which can be wired into downstream elements such as Aliquot, AutoAssembly or AutoPCR

PlateWithMastermix *LHPlate

The output plate containing the mastermix.