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The Dashboard

This lesson is for beginner users of Antha OS.

About this tutorial

This lesson is a brief overview of the features available to you when viewing a job in the dashboard. It will help orient you to the available actions you may wish to take when previewing your job.

Things you'll need

Before you get started you will need an Antha license so that you have access to Antha OS.

What you'll learn

  1. What the difference is between a simulated and scheduled job
  2. What tasks are in the timeline
  3. What information is shared between the Job Queue and the Dashboard
  4. How to change your job name
  5. How to use/specify materials
  6. How to change your device

The difference between Preview Mode and Scheduled Mode

Once you have simulated a new job, either through protocol cards or the Workflow Editor, you may wish to make additional edits to its execution, such as editing the plates or devices. However, once a job has been scheduled for execution on a device, it is important that it not be editable by others. For this reason, there are two modes of a job: Preview Mode and Scheduled Mode.

Preview Mode

Preview Mode is the default mode set for a job when it is first simulated. In this mode you are able to change the input plates and devices. You will know that a job is in Preview Mode in the dashboard by the black tags reading "Preview Mode" and "Simulation."

Preview Mode

Before a job can be sent to the lab device, it must be scheduled. Scheduling a job will fix all of the parameters, materials, and equipment used in this job. To schedule a job, click on the yellow "schedule this job" button.

Preview Mode

Once you have clicked this button, a dialog box will ask you to confirm your selection. Press "OK" to continue.

Preview Mode

Scheduled Mode

Scheduled Mode is the mode set for a job when it is ready to be sent to the lab device for execution. In this mode you will not be able to change input plates or devices, but you are able to download data files about the job, such as the job bundle, for re-upload at a later time. You will know that a job is in Scheduled Mode in the dashboard by the amber tag reading "Queued" in the Workflow Details Area. Additionally. the next step to take in executing the job will also be highlighted in amber.

Preview Mode

What tasks are in the timeline

The Dashboard contains a timeline of tasks that your registered job will will undergo. This timeline shows events as they happen sequentially from left to right, and contains a number of rows, each representing a different device or agent. Some of the tasks, for example, are meant to be done by hand like plate prep or deck setup. As such they are listed in the "manual" track. Tasks which are completed by a device are located in that device's track.

The Antha Dashboard

The next task to be completed in a job will be highlighted in amber. To investigate any task, click on the round icon next to the task's label.

What information is shared between the Job Queue and the Dashboard?

The panel highlighted below, which is a combination of the Workflow Details Area and the Job Details Area, is shared between the Job Queue and the Dashboard. With this sidebar you can change the name of the Job and download any and all data files generated from this workflow.

Making edits to this panel will also change the panel on the Job Queue.

The Antha Dashboard

How to use/specify materials

Materials can be viewed and edited from the dashboard. A preview of the materials is visible in the materials box, shown below in red.

The Antha Dashboard

To download an order list of needed materials, click the "order" button in the timeline. From here you will be able to view more details about the materials needed for this job.

How to change your device

If you would like to change devices, you can do so quickly and easily from the dashboard. Simply click the "change" button in the Used Devices card on the dashboard to bring up an overlay which will show you all compatible devices for this job.

The Antha Dashboard

The Antha Dashboard

Then check the box next to the device you want to use and click the "select" button. The system will re-calculate the job characteristic to ensure that you will have enough deck space and materials to complete this job. This process can take a few minutes.

The Antha Dashboard

Once the job has been successfully re-simulated you will see the new device in the Used Devices card.

The Antha Dashboard