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The Deck Layout (Setup)

This tutorial is aimed towards all Antha users running their workflows through the Antha UI, specifically the Setup page for directing users to the correct physical deck layout on their chosen automation platform.

About this tutorial

In this tutorial you will be walked through the key features of the Deck Layout (Setup) page in Antha UI and how to use it. This Deck Layout tutorial will focus on the Deck Layout features and not on details of the example workflow used for the deck layout.

Things you'll need

Before you begin this tutorial it will help you if you take a look at the following UI reference documentation, although it isn't a necessity:

What you'll learn

In this tutorial you will learn about

  • The three key areas in the Deck Layout page:
    • Navigation button
    • Deck Details sidebar
    • Device specific Deck Layout display area
  • How to interact with the Deck Layout
  • How to initiate the physical run of your workflow

The three key Deck Layout page areas

At the top left hand side of the Deck Layout page is a Navigation button that will take you back to the execution details of your workflow (the Dashboard View).

Navigation button to take you from the deck layout page to the dashboard view

At any point if you notice there is a problem with your deck layout with respect to the plate types and sample layout or the device being simulated against you may wish to navigate back to the Dashboard view to make changes to your workflow.

Specifically, by navigating back to the Dashboard View you will be able to alter:

  1. The chosen device you have simulated against.
  2. The input plate sample layout by accessing the Plate Prep page.
  3. The type of input plates being used by accessing the Plate Prep page.

You will not be able to alter element specific parameters by navigating back to the Dashboard View. To do this you would need to navigate back to the Workflow Editor, make changes to your parameter values then re-simulate before returning to the Dashboard View.

Deck Details side bar

The Deck Details side bar presents you with 2 main pieces of information:

  1. The device that your workflow has been simulated against and therefore the automation platform specific deck representation you can see.
  2. Deck position information.

The Deck Details side bar

Device specific information

The device specific information presented to you at the top of the Deck Layout sidebar is:

  • The device name
  • The device brand and model
  • The specific device ID
  • A network connection icon
  • A time and date for the last time this device was seen by Antha

Deck Position information

Beneath the device information panel there are a number of Deck Position panels that provide information about what is required at each deck position in order to physically run your workflow.

Each Deck Position panel is numbered in a red icon with a corresponding number on the Deck Layout display.

The Deck Position panel information

The Deck Position Panel provides several pieces of information to the user about the plates or consumables required at that deck position:

  • The definition of a plate or consumable, e.g. Source or Destination Plate, Tip box, waste etc.
  • The name of the plate
  • The type of plate or tips
  • The type of riser (if required)
  • The barcode for that plate or consumable

Deck Layout display area

The Deck Layout display area gives you an automation platform specific schematic representation of what your deck setup should look like. It directs you to where each plate or consumable from the Deck Position panels should be placed to run your workflow.

In this example the workflow has been simulated against a Gilson pipetmaX and therefore shows the nine deck positions in a 3 x 3 grid as it does on the physical unit.

Deck layout Gilson

The schematic representation will be defined by the device that you simulate your workflow against, for example if you were to navigate back to the Dashboard View by clicking on the Execution Details navigation button and select a CyBio Felix automation platform from the Devices panel, when you navigate back to the Deck Layout page you will see the display area has been updated to represent the Cybio Felix Deck layout and the positions of plates and consumables recalculated for you.

Deck layout CyBio Felix

As with the Deck Position Panels the relevant information is also presented above each plate in the corresponding deck position in the Layout view. Here you will see images of your plates in their representative deck positions with the plate name and riser information displayed. You will also see the same colour coded wells in the plates representative of the samples in source and destination plates for this specific run of your workflow.

Using the Deck Layout

The Deck Layout view has a simple interactive functionality allowing you to rapidly navigate back to the Plate Prep view for a chosen plate when you click on it. This is useful for when you may have forgotten to upload a new plate layout file and you notice your samples are not in the correct position within your plates.

If you have not yet done so, you can learn more about what Plate Prep is here.

However, if you do navigate back to the Plate Prep page from the Deck Layout page you will have to navigate back to Deck Layout via the Dashboard View.

How to initiate the physical run of your workflow

Now you will have been through the Plate Prep and Deck Layout steps and you are happy that you have everything in place you are ready to start the physical run of your workflow.

In order for your liquid handling instructions to be sent through the network to the computer controlling your device you must have AnthaHUB running on this computer. AnthaHUB communicates all the information required to run your workflow from Antha OS to the manufactures software running on the computer controlling your device.

Have a final double check of the Antha suggested Deck Layout and your physical setup to make sure all correct risers, plate types and deck positions have been used and that AnthaHUB is running in the background, then when you are ready all you need to do is click on the Run Job button at the top right hand corner of the Deck Layout page.

Run Job button

What to do next

Make a cup of tea, sit back and let the robots do your work for you!