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The LH Policy Library

The LH Policy Library is a visual collection of the different liquid handling policies which are recognised by Antha and can be used when adding new solutions in the Workflow Editor with the Add_Solution element. LH Policies are used to describe how a certain class of liquid is handled by the automation device. For example, competent cells should not be mixed excessively or else they may be lysed, glycerol should be pipetted slowly because it is viscous etc. Many liquids, or LH Components, may share an LH Policy, but only one LH Policy is assigned to a single LH Component.

About this tutorial

In this tutorial, you will be shown an example LH policy card in order to learn how to read the information from the library and you will be guided through a worked example of using the LH Policy Library in the Workflow Editor.

Things you'll need

Before you get started you will need an Antha license so that you have access to Antha OS.

What you'll learn

  1. The Features of the LH Policy Library
  2. How to Use the LH Policy Library in the Workflow Editor

The Features of the LH Policy Library

LH Policy Cards

Each card in the LH Policy Library contains both a policy name and its description.

Basic LH Policy Information

Searching the LH Policy Library

Searching for a specific LH policy in the LH Policy Library is easy. Simply type a search term in the search bar and the list of policies will be automatically filtered for you.

Basic LH Policy Information

Using the LH Policy Library

The LH Policy Library is a handy tool when you need to specify the liquid type for relevant elements. One such element where this is used is the Add_Solution element.

Input LH Policy Types

In the Add_Solution element parameters section, there is a parameter called "UseLHPolicy" which, as you can imagine, requires an LH Policy to be specified. You can tell that an LH Policy is needed because of the blue box with the magnifying glass next to it. For this element, the default policy is "water."

Input LH Policy Types

When you click the blue search icon, the LH Policy Library will appear. All of the Antha-compatible policies are listed here.

Input LH Policy Types

You can search for policies of a certain type by using keywords. In this example, we want to find a policy for mixing dna with cells, so we'll use the search word "dna." As you type in your search query, the list will automatically become smaller.

Input LH Policy Types

Click on the policy that does what you're looking for and press the blue "Accept" button.

Input LH Policy Types

You will now see your selected LH Policy listed in the parameters.

Input LH Policy Types